Return and Exchange Policy

This Return and Exchange Policy was last modified on 20 February 2020.


A defective product is a product which contains a material imperfection in the manufacture or design that renders the product unusable, less acceptable or safe than reasonably expected. The product is defective when it unable to operate in the prescribed way without harming the consumer or sustaining any further damages than perceived.


Important notice


  • If you change your mind about the delivered item, you have 5 days to log a return and the Courier services will be billed to you. Provided that the item is in good condition and in sell-able condition.
  • Make sure to open the package in a manner that will allow re-packaging.
  • Returns mast be logged within the first 14 days after the item(s) has been delivered.
  • The item is not used and is in re-sellable condition.
  • Any items that were purchased during a sale, cannot be exchanged.
  • All products under warranty/guarantee from manufacturer contain the necessary processes within the packaging.
  • Do not attempt to fix the faulty area as that will result in denial of refund or exchange.
  • Unless otherwise stated, customers are responsible for shipping costs.
  • Make sure items do not fall under the list of items that do not qualify for return due to product type and way the product is meant to be used.
  • If parcels are returned to any of the stores by the delivery service, we will contact you and establish delivery procedures and if the delivery process is hindered due to miscommunication, the items will be returned to the store then will await you to collect it at your cost.
  • There is a limitation to the amount of times you can exchange an item.


Non-Refundable Products include, but are not limited to:


  • Swimwear
  • Cosmetic products
  • Fragrance products
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries
  • This list is not limited to the items listed, includes all items with a disclaimer for being non-refundable.
  • perishable.
  • Electronic vouchers or of a nature that prevents them from being refunded, like Coupons and Gift Vouchers.


Return Procedure



  • On the account that one notices a faulty delivered item, take pictures of the item and the defective parts, send them to the site admin. The images will be stored for later verification. Acquire Return Authority Number.


  • Use the original packaging to re-pack the item, if the packaging is torn and is unable to be re-used, you will need to contact the administration team and alert them to get further instructions.


  • Take the payment slip, and the delivery slip make certified copies and attach the copies to the returning package.



  • When the Courier arrives, you need to give all the documents and in return receive a new document that verifies the collection of the items in the condition that you claim they are in and keep it for safe keeping. Once the delivery service has delivered the item to our store, tests will be conducted on the product, further communication with you to verify whether you are subject to a refund or exchange of items.



  • After collection, it will take between 1-8 working day(s) for the item(s) to get delivered to Value Co warehouse for evaluation.
  • Then if you requested the exchange process, you will be contacted to establish whether you are certain of the specifications you listed for the exchange you requested or the accuracy of the account information you provided to be where you would like to have your refund transferred into.
  • More information click here.



  • The processing will be made and if you are liable for a refund, it will be transferred within 72 hours during the weekdays. If you requested an exchange, it will be delivered withing the specified duration for a normal delivery duration.



  • Due to the type of method of payment chosen, and bank provider differences, the funds may take up to 7 working days to be reflected to the receiver.
  • After receiving the funds, a confirmation email is requested by Value Co, though not mandatory. If confirmation of receiving the funds has not been sent, Value Co will not be held accountable for exceeded refund duration.


Money back Guarantee

  • If you made up your mind about the product and its not defective or used, you have 14 business days from the day of delivery to email, or call us for a return authorization number, ( this will be required for processing if your item is validated to be in good condition.
  • No refunds on shipping/Delivery charges
  • Items with free shipping will be charged outbound shipping which will be deducted from the total refund.
  • We reserve the right to reserve the right to refuse any refund request with items which do not meet the required criteria.
  • Wholesale Point will impose a minimum of 20% and up to a 35% restocking fee plus any applicable shipping and handling charges for refused or undelivered shipments. Additional charges may apply if the merchandise is not returned in 100% complete condition in the original, unopened packaging.


Limited Return Policy Items

  • These items range from, customer order items, items shipped by fright carrier, products where returns health restricted, sanitation and safety bound items, as well as items that are worn, inserted or used for health purposes.
  • Items in the limited return policy can only be returned or refunded if they are defective.
  • All tags attached, manuals, cables, registration cards, accessories, and protective wrapping.


Dispute resolution

  • If we do not confirm that we supplied defective or unsuitable goods, and our customer support department has not been able to help, any customer may still take the matter up with a suitable Ombudsman or other dispute resolution body, or take legal action.
  • In terms of the CPA, if a consumer has bought goods as a result of direct marketing, then for a period of 5 days after receiving the goods, the consumer can: return the goods, cancel the entire contract without penalty, and receive a full refund provided the conditions are as specified by the requirements.